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Peer to Peer Networking

This page is a simple guide to peer to peer networking, written with beginners in mind. I will explain how to network two computers together. Most information on this page is based on the network that I hooked up in my house.

Windows 95

Configure both computers as described below:

  • Your network configuration box should now look something like the one at the right.
  • Set your computer and workgroup name by clicking the Identification tab.
  • Choose the type of access control that you want to use by clicking the Access Control tab.
  • You now have to make resources available to those who will be connecting to your computer. To do this, Double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop, or use Explorer to find the resource that you would like to share (for example, drive C:). Right click the resource and select "Sharing..." Choose "Shared as:", then choose other options according to what your needs are.
  • Use a crossover cable to connect your computer to another computer that is configured in the same way.
  • Click the Add button. Then select "protocol" and hit add. Choose Microsoft for the Manufacturer and pick NetBEUI for the protocol, and hit OK.
  • NetBEUI should come up in the component window of the Network box. Remove NetBEUI for any adapter besides your network adapter, unless it was there before. (you most likely won't want NetBEUI installed for your Dial-Up Adapter)
  • Hit the Add button again. Select "Client" and hit add. Choose Microsoft for the manufacturer and select "Client for Microsoft Networks." Hit OK.
  • If you want others to be able to access files from your computer, Then repeat step 5, but select "Service" instead of client, select Microsoft, and select "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks."

That should be all you need to start a network between two computers. If I have left anything out, did not describe something very clearly, or if you have any questions, feel free to send me email at: