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Snowmobile Pictures

Snowmobiles ready to go
The old Sno-Jet
Suzuki and Allouette
Sam's Sno-Jet
The Sno-Jet loses its steering...
A group of curious onlookers
Back on the trail
John on the Suzuki
Down by the Kawkawlin River
Nate on the Sno-Jet
Sam's Allouette breaks down
A closer look at the piece of rubbish
Good as new
The line-up of clunkers
A less flattering view..
...and a view from in front.
Not sure what Sam's got in mind

Various Uninteresting pictures
Ben and Phil
Sam and Nate
Phil's exquisite Christmas ornament
At the Bumps' house
Running power and water to Nate's Shop
Thanksgiving shooting time