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Peer to Peer Networking

A Peer to Peer Network is a network where each of the computers acts as a client and a server. No main server computer is necessary. Each computer can share their resources to other computers and also use the shared resources of the other computers on the network. This type of network is perfect for a network at home, because there are usually no security concerns. It works well to give the other computers full read and write access to your drives. To create this type of network, you must first connect your computers with a network cable. If you are using only two computers and you are using RJ45 (large, telephone-type) connectors on your cards, then you can use a crossover cable. If you have more than two computers, you must buy a hub and connect the computers to the hub with a straight-thru cable. After you connect the computers you must set up the software and drivers on the computers in order to use the network. To find out how to do this, click the appropriate link below.

Windows 95 Windows for Workgroups MS-Dos
If you do not want to buy a crossover cable, and you have the tools and wire to make one, find out how by clicking the link below.
Make your own network cables